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Face Masks

Face Masks

Simply add a teaspoon of powder to the centre of your hand, and add a few splashes of water. Combine until a clay forms and apply to skin. Wash off when clay hardens. 


30g supplied in a glass jar. 


Charcoal Detox- Everyone who loves a relaxing facemask, loves one that detoxes their skin. Charcoal Detox invigorates your pores and allows your skin to feel fresh and soft. High quality activated charcoal mixes with soft kaolin clay to provide the perfect charcoal blend.


Gentle Dreams- Love having a pampering session before bed? Gentle Dreams pairs Lavender Essential oil, with a Pink French Clay. Allowing you to start your wind down on the right 'cheek'. Combined lightly with exfoliating poppy seeds this mask will gently exfoliate your skin, using a natural alternative.


Rosey Cheeks- Adding our high quality Rose Geranium essential oil with a fine hibiscus exfoliant allows you to relax in roses.

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